We are now OPEN on the weekends!

Fridays 2-6pm

Saturdays 12-6pm

Sundays 12-5pm

Other days by chance - if the OPEN flag is out, come on in!

COVID-19 News!  The plexiglass is up and we are doing everything we can to keep you safe as you enjoy your favorite summer treat!

A few things to know:  There is a sign out front with the flavours and sizes listed.  Please try to make your choice BEFORE you enter the store.  And decide if you want a cone or a cup.

We are accepting Debit tap, Visa, MC and cash as payment.

If you have a large group, come in a few at a time - not all at once - that includes lots of kids

To adhere to local health regulations, there are no tables and chairs available. 

Also no samples are to be given out.

We have 20 flavours of Kawartha Dairy ice cream PLUS 6 flavours of non-dairy gelato to choose from!

See you soon!


2020 Sunflower News!

May 2020 - due to COVID, we are hesitant to plant the flowers and open up a "tourist attraction".  Please follow our FB and Instragram for updates as the season progresses. 

FAQ about the sunflowers:

When do they bloom?  Normally sunflowers will bloom anytime between mid-July and mid-August.  We can never be certain - so please don't ask us to pin down a date.  It all depends on Mother Nature - sun, rain, warm temps/cold temps - all out of our hands.

How long does the bloom last for? The blooms look amazing for 2 weeks and then start to fade - although they still look good.  As the plant matures and starts making the seeds, the yellow flower starts to droop and die off.  This is the natural progression for a sunflower.